How Do I?

Answers to the most common questions on what to do with your ProMaster memory cards and ProMaster card readers.

The two most common questions we are asked are:

1. “How to I get my pictures from my camera into my computer”
2. “How do I get prints from my memory card, like with a film camera”

Getting pictures from your memory card into your computer via a card reader.

Note this answer is demonstrated below on a computer running Microsoft Vista, if you are running Microsoft Windows 7 the steps are nearly identical. If you are running an older version of Microsoft Windows (XP, 98), the basics are the same but consult the manual of the operating system for more specifics.

Most digital cameras store pictures on a flash memory card, such as a CompactFlash or Secure Digital (SD) card. When you’ve filled a memory card to capacity with pictures, you’ll need to import the pictures to your computer. Then you can erase the memory card and use it to take a new batch of pictures.

The best way to import pictures: Use a ProMaster memory card reader.

The fastest way to import pictures is to use a ProMaster memory card reader. Remove the memory card from your camera, slide it into the ProMaster card reader, and then plug the ProMaster card reader into your computer’s USB port.

Card Reader
ProMaster Memory card reader & memory card.

Windows should automatically recognize your camera or card reader when you plug it into your computer
(if it doesn't, see Installation and Troubleshooting).

Then, follow these steps:

1. In the Autoplay dialog box, click Import pictures using Windows.

Windows will locate the pictures on your memory card.

Windows Dialog
This dialog box appears when you plug a camera or card reader into your computer

2. After Windows locates your pictures, you’re asked if you want to create a tag (a word or a short phrase that describes the group) for the pictures you’re importing. If you do, type the tag name in the Tag these pictures (optional) box. If the pictures being imported don’t have any single characteristic in common, skip this step. You can always add tags to individual pictures later.

Windows Dialog

You can add a tag to pictures when you import them

3. As Windows begins importing your pictures, if you select the Erase after importing check box , all your images will be erased from your memory card after importing is finished. Although that clears space on the card so that you can take a new batch of pictures, you will not be able to bring this card into a ProMaster dealer to make prints of the images you just copied, you will have to copy them back to the card to do it.

Windows Dialog

After your pictures are imported, they’ll appear in Windows Photo Gallery.
In the gallery you can choose to print, edit or email photos

(if you have an email client installed on this computer like Hotmail or Windows LIVE!)

To learn more about what you can do with your images in Windows Photo gallery consult the Windows help files.

Getting prints from a retailer

You can get the same printed photos from a digital camera that you would a film camera. Just take your memory card to a local ProMaster dealer and they will take care of the rest for you. It couldn’t be easier!

There are other ways to get your photos printed, you could bring your card to a chain store, use a home printer or even send it off to some internet club. While other options may seem to offer the same services, in many cases the chains quality is poor in comparison to the photo dealer and some inks used in home printers may fade over time.

To get the best possible photos, you need a professional.

If your memories are important to you, go with the best, a ProMaster dealer.

You can find one local to you here.